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Mektec's new MPI FPC for high speed transmission applications

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

We are proud to announce our new "MPI" FPC for high speed transmission applications.

High Speed Transmission FPCs are an essential technology to developing devices that will support 5th Generation High Speed Communication Standard (5G). 5G is getting attention as a communication technology that enables high speed, high capacity, multiple simultaneous connections, with low signal delay. When transmitting, FPCs become the transmission line, meaning FPCs need specialized materials with dielectric properties that minimize transmission loss. Mektec's LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) FPCs already support such properties however, had flexibility and cost challenges.

In combining MPI and low dielectric adhesives, Mektec has successfully realized transmission properties that are similar to LCP FPC. Additionally, Mektec's MPI FPC was successful in achieving higher resistance to bending and heat compared with LCP FPC. By combining the newly developed structure with versatile materials, Mektec plans to offer MPI FPCs at a competitive price.

To view the full press release, please click here

Comparison of Major Characteristic Values of LCP & MPI

Transmission Characteristics - A Comparison of MPI vs. LCP structure

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